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Businesswoman on blurred background with justice weighing scales 3D rendering 4August 2019

Survey Guidelines for Jury Research

Research data, to include our past research and pioneer research, show jurors don’t simply deliberate based on facts and argument; jurors deliberate based on their perception of the facts and arguments. The juror’s belief system dictates the various ways that particular juror perceives facts and arguments. Step 1: Understanding the ABCs The juror’s belief system…

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2July 2019

The Epoch Times Interviews Big Data Poll Director

Young Polling Company Wants to Bring Credibility Back to Profession Legacy pollsters, especially those in the media, are refusing to improve their methods, undermining the reputation of the industry, according to Richard Baris, director of Big Data Poll (BDP). Pollsters are using limited survey methods and are asking too few people for their surveys to…

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4May 2018

California Gubernatorial Primary Poll – April 2018

Gavin Newsom (D) leads with 23.9% and Travis Allen (R) is the highest vote-share GOP candidate at 11.8%, a new Big Data Poll survey of the California gubernatorial primary finds. John Cox (R) is at 11.2% and Antonio Villaraigosa (D) at 13.5%. John Chiang (D) sat at 8.9% and Delaine Eastin (D) at 4.9%.

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