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Broader Data Collection Features

Live Agent

Live agent surveys are conducted via live-caller interviews to landlines and cellphones. They can be an effective ways of reaching...

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Automated surveys via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology are fast, affordable complements to alternative data collection modes. Unlike live agent,...

Online Panels

Big Data Poll pioneered survey research conducted via online panels and are now a staple in mixed-mode surveys. Collecting responses...

SMS Text Message

Big Data Poll SMS Surveys are easily designed with advanced logic and branching, schedulers and automatic responses. Reach a Wider...

Our Services

Whether online, automated, live-caller, or mixed-mode, political surveys conducted by Big Data Poll reach voters no one else can and capture the voices who matter most to you.

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Focus groups are effective tools for conducting a wide variety of research specifically focused on tracking true swings in opinion and preference.

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Enter the jury selection process with a deep understanding of who may be inclined to sympathize with or have a preconceived bias against your clients. Big Data Poll focus groups and online panels are effective tools for building potential juror profiles before a trial begins.

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Confidence surveys interview a sample of a target population to gauge views on a number of fronts, including consumer, economic and business confidence.

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Whether you are testing a new ad campaign, launching a new product or trying to improve on an existing one, market research surveys can help you find the answers you’re looking for.

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Clients Say

  • Travis Allen

    “Big Data Poll accurately projected the final vote share within the margin for each of the top six candidates in the race (2018 CA Gubernatorial Primary).

    Travis Allen

  • Robert Barnes

    “Big Data Poll excels in every stage of data collection, from design to analysis a rare trifecta of speed, scale and spending, never sacrificing accuracy.”

    Robert Barnes

  • Adam Gingrich

    “Not only is the polling very accurate, they make the process as painless as possible… Our PAC wants to put America first and Big Data Poll put us first.”

    Adam Gingrich

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Industry leaders provide the most up-to-date, highest quality data. Databases are run though National Change of Address (NCOA) and Social Security monthly, while phone and email records are updated regularly.


National Voter File


National Consumer File


National Donor File


Internet Panel

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Why Trust Us?

We believe the industry needs to evolve in order to best serve clients, and that the only quality control test comes on Election Day. We offer a full range of modes and innovative research services to ensure clients gain a greater understanding of their research, and credit that approach for our superior track record.

  • Proven Election Projection Results

    Election projection is the only true accuracy test for survey research and Big Data Poll (BDP) has sourced the most accurate election projection model on the Internet since 2014.

  • Transparency Initiative (AAPOR )

Diverse Deadlines Without Compromising Quality

Whether you need to conduct highly accurate political polling, brand research and development, consumer or employment satisfaction surveys, Big Data Poll will deliver. Our data collection services have been used by nearly all industries looking for a competitive advantage. From the political process to the jury selection process, we offer full-service consulting to our clients.

Political Surveys
Voir Dire Jury Research
Market Research
Electorate Mapping

Our Blog

American Voters’ Views on UFOs, Belief in Extraterrestrial Life Shifting

American voters’ views on Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) shifted slightly in favor of a belief in visitations over human activity or natural phenomenon.

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Voters Reject H.R. 1, Overwhelmingly Favor Election Integrity Reforms

Voters decisively oppose H.R. 1 and overwhelmingly favor a number of election integrity reforms such as photo Identification and signature verification.

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NY Post: Big Data Poll Delivered Accuracy With ‘Above-Average Transparency’ in 2020

The Election 2020 Public Polling Project conducted by Big Data Poll was recognized for the most accurate results with “above-average transparency”.

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