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Proxy voting gives a shareholder of a corporation who cannot attend a shareholder meeting or a union member their voices back. Big Data Poll online proxy voting software is convenient, increases turnout and works on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

What Is Proxy Voting?

In the case of corporate proxy voting , shareholders receive a proxy ballot via email (or less common) mail, typically along with a booklet called a proxy statement. The information contained in the booklet describes the issues to be voted on.

Registered investment management companies may also cast proxy votes for the securities in their portfolios, such as on behalf of mutual fund shareholders.

How It Works

We will work with you to create a custom ballot and tailor the questions to fit the needs of your proxy vote. With Big Data Poll proxy voting services, voters receive a unique password via email or mail along with a link, which allows them to access a survey to cast their vote.

Those who receive a ballot by mail will also receive a pre-addressed return envelope along with detailed instructions.

If anonymity (secrecy) is required, respondent information will not be recorded. It’s the same principle as a secret ballot, only more secure. Big Data Poll can see who voted but now how they voted.

Responses may include “For,” “Against,” “Abstain” or “Not Voted,” and may be changed before the deadline. Proxy votes must be cast before the cutoff time, typically 24 hours before the shareholder meeting in the case of corporate proxy voting.

Once the ballots and data are collected, we will certify and notarize the results, which will be provided to you along with your detailed election report. Big Data Poll proxy voting services can also provide demographic data in our reports, depending on rules of anonymity.

As with all of our clients, you will receive an account on our client portal where you can find the results of the proxy vote. Reports are uploaded for you to archive, share and store.

Potential Issues/Uses

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[unicon_proli color=”#c3ab30″ fa=”fa-bullseye”]Electing directors to the board[/unicon_proli]
[unicon_proli color=”#c3ab30″ fa=”fa-bullseye”]Mergers or acquisitions[/unicon_proli]
[unicon_proli color=”#c3ab30″ fa=”fa-bullseye”]Stock compensation plan[/unicon_proli]
[unicon_proli color=”#c3ab30″ fa=”fa-bullseye”]Chief executive officer salary, bonuses etc.[/unicon_proli]
[unicon_proli color=”#c3ab30″ fa=”fa-bullseye”]Auditor reports[/unicon_proli]

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